Artemis Cinnamon Bark (15g)

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Organic Cinnamon bark, can be ground into powder or used as it is.

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Artemis cinnamon bark is organic and is used in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Cinnamon is primarily used for cooking, it adds a sweet smell and flavour to baked goods, Asian curries and desserts. You can crush the sticks to powder using a spice blender or use them as they are by soaking them in a certain amount of water and use the water which would have retained the flavour of the stick. In curries and other dishes you can add the stick like that. It can aslo be use to make a facial scrub.

The health benefits of cinnamon also include balancing the blood sugar levels, minimize inflamation and it is a natural immune system booster. It is also a natural  antiviral fungal remedy that combats bacterial infections.