BioCham Ginger Hydrolat (145ml)

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Ginger distillates essential water

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✓ Effective expectorant.
✓ Effective in the treatment of common cold.
✓ Helps in fighting germs and bacteria.
✓ Boosts appetite if needed.
✓ Very effective in the treatment of most digestive system problems.
✓ Helps in the case of sea sickness, morning sickness and motion sickness.
✓ Helps in the treatment of hepatitis type A.
✓ Helps in the case of high blood pressure and weak blood circulation.
✓ Reduces the possibility of blood clogs.
✓ Helps in balancing the cholesterol (HDL & LDL) in blood.
✓ Anti-oxidant.
✓ Helps in the treatment arthritis and rheumatism.
✓ Reduces headache caused by migraine and the frequency of pain seizures.
✓ Enhanced sexual desires.