BioCham Lavendar Hydrolat (100ml)

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Lavender distillates essential water

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✓ Soothes sunburns, skin scratch, insect bites and eases skin irritation resulting from acne and eczema.
✓ Rejuvenates tired skin.
✓ Helps in easing children’s hyper mode.
✓ Reduces irritation resulting from shaving or depilation.
✓ Helps in solving hair problems including dandruff.
✓ Helps as internal Antiseptic, possesses an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect for intestinal problems.
✓ Possesses an antispasmodic effect on gastrointestinal system.
✓ Has soothing tranquilizing effect for reaching comfortable sleep.
✓ When used as a gargle it soothes voice problems.
✓ Helps in healing wounds and sterilizing them.
✓ Provided as nasal spray to moisturize the nose and treat sinus inflammation.