Carlson Kids Cod Liver Oil Lemon Flavor (250 ml)

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✓ Great Lemon Taste!
✓ International Taste & Quality Institute Brussels – Superior Taste Award 2015
✓ Omega-3s EPA & DHA
✓ Freshness & Potency Purity Guaranteed
✓ Dietary Supplement
✓ Promotes Heart, Brain, Vision and Joint Health
✓ The Finest Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
✓ Gluten-Free
✓ Preservative-Free
✓ Purity Guaranteed

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Carlson for Kids Norwegian Cod Liver Oil is a nutritional supplement that features omega-3 fatty acids and select essential vitamins.

The cod liver oil in this Carlson Labs supplement comes from the cold water of Norway – where it’s also bottled to preserve purity. There are two types of essential fatty acids found in cod liver oil: DHA and EPA. Both feature their own benefts‚ but they potentially work best when combined with each other. These two Carlson for Kids Norwegian Cod Liver Oil ingredients may potentially support immunity‚ developmental cognition‚ and much more.