Dorset Pastry Puff Pastry (325g)

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Natural, clean and pure. Uncooked frozen ready rolled. Free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colourings, additives, preservatives, GM. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Dorset Pastry situated amid the rolling hills of Dorset, far from the madding crowd produces award winning pure butter pastry. The pastry is hand folded and rested in the traditional way in order to maintain the highest quality Dorset Pastry does not contain any stabilizers relaxants and other additives, so commonly used in mass production to ensure consistency. Therefore, the taste and characteristics of the pastry may vary and are determined by the seasons during which the flour is harvested and the butter produced. It is this that determines the uniqueness of Dorset Pastry. The processing aid commonly used in commercial pastry production, E920 (the derivative of animal hair and feathers) which legally need to be disclosed, is not present in this product.