Drink Mate Bottle White (500ml)

د.إ 39.00

This 500ml BPA-Free bottle is perfect as a spare, or for smaller servings than the standard 1L bottle that comes with your DrinkMate Soda Maker. The 500ml capacity is ideal for single servings of sparkling drinks or juice on the go.

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✓ Compatible with the DrinkMate Soda Maker.
✓ Smaller bottle for greater convenience.
✓ BPA Free and food safe PET material.
✓ Comes with a top cap that preserves carbonation.
✓ Perfect for a single serving – carbonate and take your soda out and about with you.
✓ Please note that this is a 500ml bottle, but the maximum fill level is 450ml when used to carbonate drinks with the DrinkMate