Goodsphere Essence Citrus & Green Tea (100ml)

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✓ Helps promote general well-being
✓ Infused with essentials, non-alcoholic & formulated to reduce allergies & irritations
✓ Green tea relaxes muscles & soothes asthma, coughs, colds & respiratory diseases
✓ Citrus scent energizes & boosts creativity

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Goodsphere Essences embody the principles of aromatherapy to help promote general well-being. All Goodsphere Essences are naturally infused with essentials, do not contain alcohol, are non-combustible and have been formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations. This is a 100-ml bottle of soothing and reinvigorating essence of citrus and green tea. Green tea scent has been known to relax muscles and soothes asthma, coughs, colds and other respiratory diseases. Citrus scent, on the other hand, energizes and boosts creativity.