Saba Kombucha Hibiscus Basil Drinks (275ml)

د.إ 17.00

• Supports a healthy gut • Boosts Immunity • High in antioxidants • Contain Vitamins and minerals • Aids weight loss • Detoxify • Tastes epic

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Born and brewed in Dubai using 100% raw Organic, unpasteurized ingredients, Saba Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea. Jam-packed with gut-loving probiotics and electrifying enzymes, this is a brew your body and taste Buds will love! A legend in more ways than one, Kombucha was created over 2000 years ago by ancient Chinese masters. Referring to it as their Tea of Immortality they would come down from the mountains every spring to ferment their tea and return in summer to share their magical elixir. These energy masters believed that it had an untapped healing power and helped create harmony within the Mind, Body and Spirit. If it’s good enough for a Qigong master, we say it’s good enough for us! Our Kombucha brew is raw and unpasteurized because we are adamant about protecting all those delicious live cultures and probiotic power! This means that with every sip of Saba Kombucha, you are consuming billions of healthy gut microbes to make sure your digestive system is running on all cylinders.