Lavera Basis Cleansing Milk 2-in-1 (125ml)

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✓ Organic jojoba and shea butter melt away layers of excess oil, sunscreen, makeup, pollutants, and other residual impurities that build up on your skin . These rich plant oils also contain skin regenerating properties that will strengthen your skin’s protective barrier.
✓ Organic Witch hazel works wonders to freshen up your skin! It also helps tighten pores, giving your skin a smoother appearance. While it’s effective at removing excess oil, it’s also good at providing a balance as it locks in hydration as well.

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WHAT IT IS: NEW Formula. A creamy cleanser designed to remove make-up and gently cleanse your skin by dissolving excess sebum. Research indicates that our skin is actually dirtier than it was decades ago due to the extra pollution, grime, and long-lasting cosmetics, so it’s more important than ever to thoroughly cleanse our skin! An excellent way to do this is with “double-cleansing.” No matter what skin type you have (even very oily), your skin benefits from first cleansing your skin with an oil-based cleanser like Lavera Basis Cleansing Milk. Because the oils are from a plant source and not synthetic, it will not clog your pores or feel heavy.

If you have normal to oily skin, you can then follow up with a second cleansing using a gel-based cleanser. (We recommend Lavera Basis Sensitiv Cleansing Gel.)

If your skin is dry or dehydrated, you can use this cleansing milk for both cleanses every morning and night.

WHAT IT DOES: This cleanser removes make-up and surface impurities while dissolving excess sebum, leaving your skin feeling soothed and soft along with the appearance of a more refined skin texture. Can be used all by itself for dry or dehydrated skin, or can be used as the first cleanse with oily to normal skin, followed by Lavera’s gel cleanser. Remember that drying cleansers cause your skin to overproduce oils, creating a vicious cycle of unbalanced skin!

WHY WE LOVE IT: For those of us with sensitive skin, it’s amazing what a difference it made when we switched to a soothing cleanser! So many cleansers on the market are overly aggressive because somewhere along the line, we equated “squeaky clean” as a good thing. This cleanser is extremely kind to all skin types. We love the Lavera signature scent. The entire Basis line is so affordable, its perfect for the entire family.