Logona After Shave (100ml)

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✓ Revitalizing & antibacterial
✓ Soothes the skin
✓ Spicy masculine scent

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The Men’s After Shave by Logona has a spicy masculine scent. It has antibacterial and revitalizing properties. The precious active ingredients such as organic caffeine, organic gingko extract and organic, antibacterial liquorice extract soothe the skin after shaving. For optimum care, it is advised to use the Men’s Anti Wrinkle Cream after shaving.

Alcohol [1]Aqua (Water)Polyglyceryl-10 LaurateSodium PcaGlycerinDipotassium GlycyrrhizateCaffeine [1]Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract [1]Sodium HyaluronateCitric AcidPerfume (Fragrance)LimoneneLinaloolCitral