Logona Free Cleansing Milk (150ml)

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Very gentle care for very sensitive skin

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Very gentle care for very sensitive skin. Exposed to environmental change, stress, or improper skin care, highly sensitive skin often reacts negatively, becoming irritated, blotchy, or red, and feeling excessively drawn and tight. To minimize the risk of an allergic or negative reaction, highly sensitive skin requires an intelligent, balanced hygiene and care program. LOGONA Free products give sensitive skin the delicate care it needs.LOGONA Free natural, simple, effective Tested and endorsed by the German Allergy & Asthma Association (DAAB) Dermatologist tested Free of synthetic colors, fragrances, and preservatives Free of petrochemical ingredients BDIH certified naturalMeets the unique requirements of highly sensitive, easily irritated skin. Very mild, plant-derived cleansing agents and nourishing jojoba, grape seed and sweet almond oils, combine to cleanse, clarify, and refresh the skin gently, without drying or irritating it.LOGONA Free products contain only the mildest, natural ingredients to help very sensitive skin restore a more balanced, healthier condition. They protect and strengthen the skins acid mantle, your first line of defense against negative external influences.Extensive dermatological testing has accompanied every step of the development of LOGONA Free products. Each product carries the Seal of Approval of the DAAB (German Allergy & Asthma Association).LOGONA Free products comply fully with the stringent criteria of the BDIH for certified natural cosmetic products, and carry the BDIH seal