ORGANIC-4 Life Netipot Sinus Cleansing System

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Neti Pot by Organic-4life is a convenient and beautiful device for cleaning the nasal cavity and sinuses with a light saline solution. Its design was suggested by nature itself and designed in the shape of a lotus petal.
Ayurveda – the ancient science about life – pays great attention to the nasal hygiene. In Sanskrit, the purification of the nose is called “Jala Neti” and the nose cleaner is called “neti pot”. This is an ancient time-tested procedure that purifies the body and calms the mind.
The Neti Pot is made of porcelain, the cork lid is an applicator made of natural cork.
The weight of Neti Potl – 530 g
The total volume of Neti Pot – 450 ml.
Recommended quantity of washing salt solution – 300ml.