Cristal Himalaya Crystal Salt (400g)

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Pure Himalayan crystal salt.

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Himalayan pink salt comesform the foot hills of the Salt Range in Pakistani. Planet Pure Himalaya salt is pink in color. It is so because of it’s high content in minerals including iron. It is also saltier than the typical salt,soit is best to use lesswhen seasoning and other purposes. This salt balances pH with it’s full replenishment electrolytes.

It has healing effects which include treating ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, rheumatod arthritis,just but tomention a few. In studies there were significant changes in respiratory, circulatory organ, connective organs and nervous system functions. This Himalayan pink crystal salt in fine granulesis all naturalwith no artificial ingredients added. A perfect food condiment that can be usedin place of all other salts foryoue cooking and baking needs.