Raw Gorilla Raw Cacao Crispies (250g)

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✓ For chocolate lovers, our dairy free raw cacao crispies is one of our best selling crispies
✓ Enriched with lucuma, almonds, and sweetened naturally boasting 10% Protein & Fibre Rich.

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Ideal for raw vegan, grain free diets, chocaholics and healthy people! It’s high in fibre, 10% protein, no added sugar,free dairy,wheat,gluten,soy,preservatives & toxins.

Contains activated buckwheat seeds, cacao, lucuma, coconut chips, dates and raw almonds.

For chocolate lovers, our Raw Cacao Crispies is one of our best selling Crispies. Enriched with lucuma and almonds, our Raw Cacao Crispies are sweetened naturally and boast 10% protein.

All of our Breakfasts are Soil Association Organic Certified, and we are also Vegan Certified, giving a guarantee to customers of our quality.