RBC Life Microhydrin Plus

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Microhydrin Plus is the most effective broad-spectrum antioxidant available. It combines the powerful antioxidant – Microhydrin® – with eight other potent antioxidants to give you the ultimate protection from free radical damage.

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What is it formulated to do?
Antioxidants are compounds that stop free radicals from damaging your cells. Stopping this damage is the key to keeping your cells healthy so you can enjoy an active, vibrant life. Microhydrin Plus is formulated to help you defy aging and support your immunity with research-backed, broad-spectrum antioxidant protection.*

Who may benefit?
This unique and powerful antioxidant is an essential product for everyone living in this modern world. Today our bodies face more free radical damage than ever before, so we need a powerful product to protect our health.

How is it used?
Microhydrin Plus is a daily essential for supporting health. Take one to two capsules twice a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional.*