Salt & Crystal 100% Natural Bee Wax Ear Candles (2 Pairs)

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The usage of wax ear-candles can be traced to ancient civilizations.’ It is believed that even Ancient Greeks used wax ear-candle therapy. This naturopathic treatment was used regularly to help loosen congested ear wax and relieve pressure.


Treatment Area

Make sure that the area where you will do the treatment is away from a current of air or breeze. You can even enhance the experience by creating serene atmosphere with gentle background music.

What you need to complete the therapy

Salt & Crystal wax candles, a bowl with water, a pair of scissors, and a lighter or matches. In the case that you are doing the treatment alone, then you will require a mirror as well.

The Treatment

Lie down in a comfortable position with your head resting on a pillow and turn your head to one side. It is recommendable to have someone assist you especially if this is your first-time using ear candles. Take one Salt & Crystal ear candle and one protective shield disc.

Push the narrow side of ear candle through the protection shield disc opening. The protection shields disc should be close enough to the ear to protect the ear from any falling remains whilst the ear candle is burning.

Next, gently place the narrow tip of the wax candle into the ear canal. Once the wax candle is comfortably and properly in your ear canal, you may light the top of the wax candle to begin the treatment. Be sure to have the bowl of water close by to be able to comfortably extinguish the candle.

Once candle is lit, it will create a tender vacuum effect gently pulling out debris from the ear. Throughout the treatment you will experience pleasant crackling sounds from burning flame. During the treatment, use scissors to cut the burnt areas of the wax candle in to the bowl of water when required.

End of treatment

Once the flame reaches the safety marking strip, remove the wax candle and extinguish it in the bowl of water. This concludes the treatment, we hope you enjoyed!