Yakso Tempeh (500ml)

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Organic tempeh in jar by Yakso. Created on a self-sufficient organic farm in The Netherlands and inspired by the macrobiotic kitchen, this tempeh is ready to be added to a variety of different vegan and vegetarian meals.

We have illustrated the typical contents of a single jar. As you can see, we simple pan fried it until golden and crispy. As this tempeh is in a jar, it is more moist than fresh tempeh and takes a little longer to cook and will retain a more moist and soft texture inside.

It can be served pan fried until crispy and finished with a splash of brewed soy sauce* which you can quickly toss the pieces around in before serving. They are also great in stir fries, curries, stews, etc. as they will soak up some of the flavour of the sauces and spices you are using.