Thinkgreen Smoked Tuna in Olive Oil (160g)

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The difference in flavour added by this smoking procedure, makes the tuna of th!nkgreen an excellent spicy appetizer combined harmoniously with ouzo, retsina and beer.
We smoke the selected yellow fin tuna of th!nkgreen on smoke coming from burning wood chips of beech, pine and oak. These wood chips are imported from abroad having the appropriate certifications. It is worth noting that these plants are neither mutant, nor come into contact with other mutant plants. The woods are boiled and disinsectised before being cut into chips. They are burned under conditions strictly audited by having a constant degree of humidity. Their mixing is such that the smoke produces a proper flavour, which is harmoniously inserted into the natural flavour of yellow fin tuna Albacares. The combination of smoked tuna meat with organic Greek olive oil of th!nkgreen, which is later added, allows the creation of a brilliant and original flavour. Omega-3 fatty acids in tuna meat stay unchanged, so our smoked tuna continues to be a part of a healthy and balanced diet.