Tribest Freshlife Automatic Sprouter FL-3000

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✓ Large capacity for regular supply of sprouts
✓ Expandable with extra barrels
✓ Tray dividers for growing 4 varieties per barrel
✓ Automates watering of sprouts with rotating sprinkler
✓ Self contained reservoir no need for drainage
✓ Perfect for delicious sunflowers and bulk salad sprouts

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The Freshlife FL-3000 Automatic Sprouter is perfect for raw fooders and health enthusiasts who want to grow enough sprouted beans and seeds for daily use. Weight for weight, sprouts contain up to seven times the nutrition of mature plants and make a delicious addition to salads and stir fires.

The Freshlife Sprouter is easy to use and very economical to run. Loved by our healthy friend ‘Sproutman’ Steve Meyerowitz, the Freshlife is a high capacity automated system for growing a regular supply of healthy living sprouts. It features a regular timed sprinkling system to produce fresh, nutritious and tender living-foods. This delivers a continuous supply of fresh water from the reservoir compartment, ensuring the sprouts are periodically rinsed even if you are out through the day. This fully self contained automatic sprouter needs no drainage as it drains into its own reservoir and you simply refresh the water daily.

The large capacity of the sprouting barrel makes it easy to produce enough sprouts for several people in the Freshlife Sprouter and you can grow up to 4 varieties at the same time in each barrel, as there are dividing ridges in the tray inserts. Sunflowers and other larger sprouts work really well in the deep barrel of the Freshlife. Enjoy wheatgrass, but it’s a hassle to grow or to take care of? This is your easy solution as the Freshlife Sprouter produces excellent results with wheatgrass.