TWB RX2 Energy Shot (120ml)

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RX2 Energy Shot is a natural energy booster for enhancing workout performance

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RX2 is a synergistic blend of plant extracts and Vitamin B12 in liposomal form. Inside these Liposomes, which are tiny “bubbles” capable of passing rapidly into the bloodstream, are the specific performance enhancing ingredients. The enhanced absorption of these nutrients, which include Maca, Hesperidin, Rhodiola Rosea, and Green Tea Extract, can facilitate increases in mental and physical energy levels. RX2 is therefore ideal for anybody wanting to train and perform at their best. A dose just before the desired activity can take you to the next level! ​

Anybody wanting to get the most out of their training by ensuring optimal energy levels for workouts.

How is it used?
5ml (2 squirts of the bottle) in the mouth – swirled around for 10 seconds – and then swallowed with a little water before workouts or competition.