Organic Larder Grape Italian White Vinegar (500ml)

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Organic white vinegar

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Organic white vinegar

Not only can you use vinegar in your salad dressing, you can also use vinegar anywhere in your home from cleaning wood floors to windows to wastebaskets, but it is not recommended for use on marble since the acid content can etch the surface.

Often combined with water for green cleaning, the ratio of water to vinegar may vary depending on the cleaning task at hand. For example, pure vinegar might be needed to clean heavy mildew stains on tile or disinfect a cutting board, whereas a simple 50/50 solution of vinegar will work for general everyday cleaning.

The high acidity level of vinegar helps loosen mineral deposits, such as lime and rust, and dissolve soap scum due to their alkaline nature, so it is great for bathroom and kitchen cleaning. It is also useful for cutting through grease on ovens, cooktops, stoves, and grills, and it easily strips wax build-up off of wood floors. In addition, a vinegar soak helps remove stains, such as coffee and tea, from kitchen sinks, cups, and coffee makers. It is also useful for deodorizing and removing kitchen and bathroom odors as a simple spritz of a vinegar-water solution will prove. And it is often added to the laundry rinse cycle as a softening agent.